Grill Cook 397 Hoover AL - 2740 John Hawkins Pkwy.

This position is responsible for timely and quality preparation of product according to recipe. Reviews the grill area and master recipes for all products and procedures, and reviews the recipe cards to ensure that your food items look perfect. Ensures all discarded or wasted items are recorded, and that line is always stocked, neat, clean and safe.
Prepare, to order, all food items following standard recipes and procedures within specified time limits (8-10 minutes at lunch; 10-12 minutes at dinner)
Stocking of Jerk Box ? following meat rotation procedures
Set-up of meat display on meat cutter?s day off (if applicable)
Prep assigned items
Grill, deep fry, bake, broil and microwave raw and prepped foods
Set up and close down grill station to Logan?s standards
Measure and assemble ingredients and cook items according to recipes and menu specifications
Maintain cooking line in a clean, sanitary and safe manner
Uniforms and aprons should always be ?showplace clean?
Stock/restock items on line according to specifications
Wash and clean raw food products
Peeling, dicing, shredding and slicing food products using manual and electric equipment
Assist in an entire team effort
Maintain personal health and sanitation standards (wash hands when using restroom, etc.)
Other duties as directed.
Walks and stands during entire shift.
Reaches, bends, stoops, lifts, shakes, stirs, pours, carries and pushes.
Lifts and carries tubs and cases weighing up to 75 lbs. following Logan?s specified lifting procedures
Frequent exposure to smoke, steam, high temperatures, humidity, extreme cold.
Speaks and hears conversations with expediters / servers / salad cooks.
Reads orders on tickets.
Substantial repetitive motion of the wrists hands and fingers.
Hazards may include, but are not limited to, cuts from knives, slipping, tripping, falls and burns.
Ability to interact with guests. Area ?showplace clean? at all times.
Frequent contact/immersion of hands in water, sanitation solutions, meat products, poultry, seafood and produce items.
Frequent washing of hands.
Special Skills or knowledge necessary for this position:
o Basic reading skills (reads orders on tickets, recipes).
o Communication skills. (Speak and hear conversations with expediter/servers.)
o Knowledge of workplace safety procedures.
o Multi-task oriented.
Licenses, certifications, or registrations required for the position.
o State applicable health and/or alcohol compliance card.

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